Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby's First Book - By Barbara

This gorgeous Baby's First Book is being made by Barbara.
What a lucky baby!

Barbara's Quilt

Fantastic quilt made by Barbara. 
Lots of work in this one.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lidia's Pendant

Lidia has been working on some beautiful projects for Winter.
This pendant would warm up anyones bleak day!

Lidia's Jewellery Set

This gorgeous jewellery set was made by Lidia!
Great colours to warm up during the Winter months.

Jenni Spring Pieces

Jenni has been busy working on some jewellery pieces for Spring.
I love the fresh colours for the season.

Lidia's New Earrings

Lidia has been very busy working on a new collection for Winter.
These colours are amazing!

Bron's Latest Necklace

Here is a quick photo of a beautiful piece Bron has just finished for a girl who is going to a formal.  
It will be worn over a gorgeous dress.